RM Enterprises is an Indian textile group based in the manufacturing hub of Tirupur – South India. Its long-standing history of over 30 years has served both domestic and international markets. By predicting market shifts and encouraging innovation, we develop, produce, and export to global ethical standards. Our journey has provided us with several invaluable experiences over the decades.

We specialize in manufacturing knitted garments and provide the use of cutting-edge technologies in sustainable textile production. Our focus is on the quality and durability of our material portfolio right through to the end product.



RM Enterprises is a company born with the passion for fashion and sustainability, with key brands that appreciate the reliability of our product and services. With changing times, we are always looking to the future with investment in green technologies and green chemistry.


The team at RM are a family of keen, efficient and result oriented individuals that believe in our small changes making a big impact for customers and environment. We also believe in learning and growing as a team together.



We have a well-organized team, highly skilled and experienced personnel who
are equipped with the most efficient & state of art production processes.


We store our finished products within our systematically managed storage units.


We look after the packaging of our products with minute supervision before delivering them to our clients across the globe within the most optimum time period possible.


We are a sourcing point for a wide range of knitted garments for Men and Women. Our inhouse R&D facilities provide innovation into developing new and sustainable yarn, fabrics and the finished product. The range includes Cotton, Cotton Bamboo, Cotton Modal, Cotton Polyester, Hemp, Viscose and various other blends.

We are widely known for our range of yarns with the best durability :


These are a collection of short spun staple cotton fibers put together to construct the fabric. This is mainly used to knit dishcloths, towels and rugs, and various other household clothing items

Cotton Bamboo

These fabrics are made from highly-absorbent bamboo fibers and are more breathable. These are mainly used for their longevity.

Cotton Modal

These are made from beech tree fibers and give a semi-synthetic feel. These are also used in the manufacturing of various household items like bedsheets and undergarments.

Cotton Polyester

This is also known as poly-cotton and is made from a combination of 65% cotton fibers and 35% synthetic polyester fibers. These are used for both garment fabrics and household furnishing fabrics.

We also specialize in knitted fabrics and weaves. We proudly showcase our variety of woven fabrics depending on their construction process :

Single Jersey

This weave is a weft-knitted fine-grade yarn fabric.


These are lightweight fabrics that are woven with a ribbed or cord-like design.

Terry Fleece

These fabrics are woven in a loop or mesh-like construction which makes them agood choice for towels and beachwear as it helps to soak water.

Brushed Fleece

These are much softer fabrics obtained from brushing off the fleece fabric to make it lighter and give it a velvety touch and feel to it.


These are fabrics that are woven in a way to create ridges on the surface which makes them very strong and tear-resistant.


This is more of a technique of weaving than a type of weave. It is used to mix two weaves to create color blocks or box patterns in the fabric and to join weft yarns with warp yarns.

Apart from our textile fabrics we also produce the finest garments within our enterprise. Our garments are not unlike our other products. They possess superior quality, practical designs, comfortable wear, and higher durability. Our collection provides :

Men’s Garments

Women’s Garments

Kids Garments






    RM Enterprises

    Registered Address: 8/281 – B & C, 3rd Floor, Avinashigoundenpalayam, Angeripalayam – Post, Tiruppur Dist., Tamilnadu – 641603

      Email : contact@rment.in   
    Phone :  0421 – 4982199

    RM Enterprises

    Registered Address: 8/281 – B & C, 3rd Floor, Avinashigoundenpalayam, Angeripalayam – Post, Tiruppur Dist., Tamilnadu – 641603

      Email : contact@rment.in
    Phone :  0421 – 4982199

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